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A garden that suits you
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Walls, landscape & maintenance
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Gardener & Lanscaper in Herault

Around Lodève, Larzac, Clermont l'Herault, Vallee de l'Herault, Montpellier


Born and raised in Herault, Mathieu Goudou perfectly knows the local environment.


Mathieu offers his services as a landscaper and gardener since 2004.


Mathieu's loyal customers do not hesitate to recommend him. Find the reviews below.


Mathieu Goudou

Mathieu Goudou

Landscaper & Gardener since 2004

Mathieu has been creating and improving gardens throughout the region since 2004. Originally a trained builder, Mathieu retrained as a landscaper and has been busy ever since.

Indigenous to the area he is passionate about gardens and gardening within the constraints of the region, creating beautiful, environmentally sound, low waste gardens.

Mathieu is unsurprisingly keen on environmental issues and works conscientiously to create gardens that are both beautiful and kind to nature, using plants ideally adapted to the climate, watering systems to reduce water wastage and alternatives to pesticides and weedkillers.

Mathieu’s is a large sector stretching from Lodeve to Montpellier, Clermont and Beziers, including Nebian, Cabrieres, Gignac, St Andre de Sangonis, Montpeyroux, St Saturnin, Pezenas, Caux, etc…



The midi has a wide variety of plants and shrubs which are ideal for creating varied and colourful beds and borders. Care must be taken however to chose wisely from plants ideally suited to the southern climate and soil types.

Time, money and energy can too easily be wasted by planting the wrong varieties in the wrong soil or at the wrong time. Over plant and you will be pulling half of them out a couple of years down the line!

Ask Mathieu for advice as to what and where and when to plant. He can even advise some very good garden centers! Watering systems are always worth considering as they minimise the hard work, reduce water wastage and costs and maximise survival rate under this hot Mediterranean sun. Ask for tarifs to give yourself an idea of the costs involved, you might be surprised!


Do you need a wood shelter, summer kitchen or shaded area? From the simplest to the more elaborate Mathieu can provide you with a wide variety of ideas and materials for your garden construction projects.

Paving, tiling, pergolas, terraces, grass roofs, fountains, gates and fences outdoor construction of some sort is often essential to enable you to make the most of the sunny southern weather.

Created in harmony with your garden Mathieu can advise you on materials and techniques within your budget.


Even the smallest gardens need attention from time to time, pruning, replanting and improving.

The importance of good pruning is often underrated. Many plants in particular fruit trees, roses and climbers profit hugely from a good yearly prune, making them more productive and attractive the following year.

It is essential however to know how and when to do this, as to prune too harshly or at the wrong time of the year can be counter productive and damaging to the plant.


Taking the time to reflect is essential prior to any changes to be made in the garden. What is the role of the area to be created or improved? Is it a place for sitting, eating, reading etc a place for basking in the sun or relaxing in the shade?

A good glass of wine and a comfortable chair can often help get the ideas flowing! Take your time to wander around the garden imagining it in all seasons. Once decided, discussion can begin on the ideal plants and materials needed to create and define each space in keeping with the general feel of the garden as a whole.

Plants, shrubs, trees, lawns, gravel, hedges and beds can all be used optimally keeping in mind upkeep, watering and access.


A wide variety of different lawns are now available, traditional grasses and ground covering low water consumption alternatives can be considered (dry lawns).

Many require far less watering than the varieties used a generation ago and can be just as attractive whilst being far more hardy and weather forgiving.

Gravel gardens are also becoming increasingly popular and are also a great way to reduce water consumption.


No more back breaking watering cans!! No more ruined homecomings when we discover we have lost our favourite plants and shrubs.
A watering system is not obligatory but it is a good way to economise both water and energy.
A drip system can help you make significant water savings and give you a far more attractive garden.
Different zones in the garden can be managed according to their differing watering needs.
Ask Mathieu for advice on the options and price ranges available. You might be surprised!


Mathieu has worked for us for about 10 years, and we have recommended him to several of our friends who have all been very satisfied. He has some very imaginative ideas, using our own stones, to plan and develop a most attractive garden for us on our very poor lands using plants that can survive drought and withstand strong winds and scorching sun here, as well. that make suggestions relevant to an aging couple to help them in the future.

Catherine & Barry Jacobs, Le Bosc

Very good quality of work. responsive to suggestions, creative, offering workable solutions. Good value for the quality of advice and execution. Good time keeping and responsive to solutions and problems. A great asset in management of our property and garden.

Alan Morgan

Mathieu has been maintaining our garden for several years now and we are very pleased with his services. He is very hard-working, punctual, speaks English well and is trustworthy. He has made a big improvement to our garden and we are happy to keep using his services.

Leysley Frankie

Mathieu is certainly professional. He arrives on time, does the work you have agreed with him to do and results are good. In my case, he renovated an old watering system to reduce our water usage and reseeded a lawn so that it does not rely on much water.. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and gives good honest advice

Brian Dixon

I am very happy with Mathieu Goudou's work. He is very experienced, has good craftmanship, is creative, on time and very reliable. Evey work in our garden from laying a stone terrace, building stone stairs, to paving a path and building a dry stone wall as well as repairing a cemented stone wall has been well done and long lasting. He really knows what he is doing.

Annette Beckett


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